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Hi my name is Ashley Yamamoto, im 13 years old and im from cape coral Fl. Skateboarding is my life I don't no where I would be without it im probably the most determined wisest 13 year old girl you will ever meet lol I love Hoopla & the team! My dream is to meet all of you guys and to have a good skate sesh I would love to get that opportunity. Down here its 1 & million to get " known or make a difference " but im that 1% im working my butt off everyday and hopefully one day compete in classic combi etc.. It' difficult to really get that practice everyday that I need and want because in cape coral there's only 1 skate park & its not the best but im not going to make any excuses. Anyways I idolize you guys and what your doing to get that exposure girls need, like myself I want to create my legacy in the skateboarding world but I would love to just create my start first so that's why im coming to you guys for some help & guidance. I appreciate if you read this a lot ! thank you hope you respond back ! :) ( im sorry I don't have a video of myself skating I hope to get a video soon one day when I can find a filmier to film me !!!!

— Ashley “ash” yamamoto

after searching locally for a skateboard for our 7 year old daughter, all we could find were boards with immature, offensive or obscene graphics. I am pleased to have found your website and brand, however I am a little disappointed that the skaters in our local stores were not aware of your brand. We have ordered a board and will encourage others to consider your products. We hope our daughter enjoys skateboarding as much as your team seems to. Thanks for what you are doing.

— Jim C, Self-

Sup man i think it's absolutely amazing what you guys are doing and how it has affected girls influences. I just wanna say that i give mad props

— brandon Grace

My daughter, Emily Guy, has posted her first video on youtube. Its titled, "Emily's skate video California Jan 2013" and shows her doing some of her tricks. As a dad, this is a big deal for me since she is the only girl that skates at our skate parks in Santa Maria. PLease check it out, I am very proud of my girl! She is a very good skateboarder for being only 12 years old. Thank you!

— Tony guy

Hi Hoopla, i just wanted to say how i love your deck designs (i'm skating the flying elephant right now), plus your support for girls skateboarding. the team consists of a bunch of my favorite skaters, too! keep up the awesomeness. :)

— Heidi dong

Thank you so much for developing a quality product for my four year old daughter Keirah. Hoopla has given her a creative outlet, where she can be herself, have fun and be confident. She loves her flying elephant and will continue to be a life-long fan and supporter of Hoopla. Thank you!

— Cameron Beatty

Hello mimi,

I dont know if you remember me? We meet us at airattack in antwerpen/belgium last year. im one of the germans ;)! First i have to say im stoked on your brand hoopla. I do also a small brand with girls, since about one year, called Cheers skateboards. the focus here is more the german and europe girls. But i have one teamrider from brazil. her name is ligiane "xuxa" oliveira, she is so good, with a damn good style, one of the best styles i ever seen in female skateboarding. But as more i get excited by her i also know that i cannot support her in a way i want.In fact that cheers is just a hobby for me I have not the money to bring her to europe and also not to take her anyway. but that is something she needs for her development. In 2011 she get the prize for the best female skater in brazil...and you know how many good girls skating there. Also she get the cover with a big 50/50 down a 13 stair ledge from brazils magazine cemporcento skate. So i thought about that if she is on your brand its defintely the better way to support her. i really dont wanna lose the best rider in my team, but its not that what i wanna do if i dont look for more support for her. So you can have a look at her at cheers-skateboards.com. Maybe eliana sosco knows her. One problem is she just speak portugues. but if you have about 30 minuites time for her you will see shes is on a level like leticia bufoni. Or at least on the way to it....and she is also a big great artist. (also good for board graphics, isnt it ;)

roll on,


This is not a testimonial for hoopla as my daughter has not ridden a board, its a thank you for all you wonderful women out there that have braved the roads of skateboarding. Its a legacy that has been passed on now to my 12 year old girl. My daughter has been skating since may of 2010 and had the opportunity last year to skate the combi classic and see all you wonderful women skate. It was a great opportunity for her. Alysha is from our home park so she knows her well (montclair), we skate with annika as much as possible. So from young to older you set great examples. Micke was at my house the other day and told me how much he enjoyed visiting cara-beth and that is when my daughter told me how much she admired her and all the young women at hoopla. Pauline will continue to watch and emulate all your careers, you set the trend for her, thank you.


Hoopla skateboards are the best, i got one of my own and i love it! i plan to keep buying the product and sport it. i would love to ride for hoopla someday.

— Jazmine barney

Hi,i write from Croatia,a small country in europe with not so developed skate scene. we don't have female pro skateboarders, but only a few female skateboarders struggling to get some respect from the scene,and one of them is me. we've been through so much negative stuff on our way to become a part of the scene,in croatia there is just no support for girls trying to fit in a man's sport. nasty comments have become an everyday routine,we don't go to skateparks anymore,unless it's 3am when nobody's there,and it's tough but we don't give up,we see girls like eliana sosco and others,who inspire us to go on,no matter what people are talking and we're happy that there are companies like hoopla who support girls in skateboarding. at the end,we are those who have more balls than any guy in any skatepark. so thank you hoopla for encouraging girls to take a step into a men's world :)

— Ana “serena2100”

GUYS! your decks are sweet, and since i begun skating there wasn't really anything for chicks in the way of nice apparel, til you guys came along! I love the designs of the duo top but we need more!! I'm dying for some new hoodies and jumpers. would be rad! x

— Nicole “Nikkie” prud'homme

Im a girl skater This team looks amazing all you guys are such good skaters! i've been skating for 1.5 years i hope one day i can join this team! the best thing i've done was kick flip a 5 and 180 a 3 block, i definitely will work hard :) keep on shredding!!! My dream is like all of you guy's dreams! :) bi!

— Rachelle “Rachelle Vinberg” Vinberg

I have one of your boards and they're so good.

— Beatrice “Bonez or Micah ” Domond , Just a Skater

Hey ladies,
First of all let me just say how badass i think both of you are. Ive been pushing around on my board for a few years now,never really trying to step outside my comfort zone. Until i saw videos of you guys killin it. It got me so amp'd up to push myself. Even though im still in the process of learning to drop-in(thigh bruises included)you guys are my inspiration to never give up. I just wanted to say thanks. Also, if i can help with Hoopla in anyway, just give me a shout. hearts ♥

— Jordan “jg” Girouard

though, its more of a girl skateboarding brand, i love it and will get one of my own, someday i would like to skate for Hoopla

— Scott

Hey my name's Claudia, and I just had a general question for you all at Hoopla :) I have so much respect for you, creating decks especially for girls. I really love your products and your encouragement for girls who skate. It's really great.

— Claudia T

yo tego mi skate hoopla y no la boy a dejar de comprar las hoopla porque es ta marca es la mejor para el skate

— juan camilo “camilo” marin trespalacios, hoopla

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