Vans hosted the first ever Van Doren Invitational at the US Open of surfing in huntington beach this past week. The girls skated early in the week, and put on a great show for the packed stands. hoopla riders allysha bergado, hunter long, justyce tabor were in attendance. Justyce was killing it in practice and then had a bad fall resulting in a broken wrist. Heal up soon Justyce!

Allysha and Hunter made it into the finals, and placed 5th and 4th respectively. Congrats to all the ladies that skated in this event!


  1. Lizzie Armanto
  2. Julz Lynn
  3. Nora Vasnconcellos
  4. Hunter Long
  5. Allysha Bergado
  6. Amelia Brodka

Skateboarder Magazine put up a gallery of photos, and MRZ & Ozzie posted up a great recap on Blue Tile Obsession. Dan Sparagna also shot some amazing captures; thank you, Dan and all who covered this event!

Allysha blasting w/ style!
Allysha blasting w/ style! Photo: MRZ

Hunter frontside air!
Hunter hanging on! Photo: Jamie Owens

Justyce was ripping in practice! Photo: Mimi Knoop
Justyce was ripping in practice! Photo: Mimi Knoop

Nicole Hause flying!
hoopla flow rider, Nicole Hause boasts an impressive frontside air!

Hunter inverted! Photo: Dan Sparagna
Hunter inverted! Photo: Dan Sparagna

all of the girls ripped!