Congrats to lea taylor who recently won a surfing title in her high school's girls surfing program! She also placed 2nd in the open women's division At the NSSA East Coast Regional Championships! This is Lea's first year competing in surfing and she is looking forward to progressing and entering more events on the East coast. From Lea; "I am having so much fun doing it while I am getting better, and I always remember to stay humble!" Keep up the good work, Lea!

Here are some photos Lea sent in to us:

Lea Taylor skating her home park at Cocoa Beach!
Lea rips her home skatepark at Cocoa Beach, FLA!

Lea Taylor at the NSSA surfing contest
Lea at the NSSA east coast regional championships!

Lea Taylor surfing!
Lea in action in the water!

Lea Taylor and her trophies!
Lea and her collection of surf trophies!