It seems that lately there has been a bigger demand for female skaters on the big screen and TV. Stunt doubling jobs have been popping up all over for the girls! hoopla rider, Nora Vasconcellos is no stranger to this kind of work- and has been recently working w/ Nickelodeon. Here's what Nora had to say:

"I have sent in some photos from the Nickelodeon shoot Iv'e been a part of down in New Jersey at Garden Sk8 skatepark. I'm doing the skateboarding for one of the main characters, Lucy (Christina Caradona).

It's been super fun and a lot of work, it's amazing how much time and effort goes into a project like this. It was quite interesting skating in a wig and chuck taylor high tops as well but it was worth it.

I will continue shooting with them in a couple weeks, so excited to get to skate Garden Sk8's pirate bowl more (best set ever!)."

Photos: Todd Schwartz

Nora in her wig!
Nora in a wig!

Nora and Lucy (Christina Caradona)
Nora and her double on set!

Time to skate! Nora bs air in costume!
Nora, backside air in costume

Nora with a 50-50
Nora 50-50