A few of our hoopla riders joined the Poseiden Foundation in Hawaii last week for their Oahu skate Tour. CB Burnside, Allysha Bergado, and Hunter Long were there repping hoopla! Some of the other girls skating with Poseiden were Jen O'Brien, Abisha Ashebaiki, and Heidi Newton. We have tons of photos from the event and we will also have some footage coming soon as well. Here's some of our pics courtesy of Poseiden and Local 808:

CB & Hunter
CB & Hunter Long

Allysha skating vert
Allysha doing a textbook backside air!

Group in hawaii
Some of the kids at the skatepark!

Girl skaters popping up everywhere! :)

giveaway products!
Plenty of giveaways for the kids :)

CB skating!
CB feeling cruising the bowl..

Allysha and Hunter double inverts!
Allysha and Hunter with double inverts!

CB autograph
CB signing for the fans!

Group shot number two!
Another great group shot!