Evelien sent us a little clip of her friend Zoi learning a new trick last week!

Here's what evelien had to say:

"On a friday afternoon during the holidays, i met up with zoï at zumiez skatepark. Since i met her, we try to skate together more often, and she is very motivated. I told her she had to try the rail this time, because last time she was a little scared with all those guys around. It was pretty hectic the last time we were there, she mostly skated the miniramp. But i got her to try a frontside boardslide! and i knew she was almost going to land it, so i took out my camera. And i was right..the second time i filmed it, she did land it! I was (and am still) proud! I got myself a new skaterbuddy in Belgium! So stoked."

Here's the clip: