hoopla rider, Evelien Bouilliart has been busy skating and filming for a documentary in belgium. Here's more about the project from Evelien herself:

"A girl named, "Liesbeth De Mey" approached me through facebook, and asked me if i would be interested in letting her make a documentary about me. At first i didn't know if i would have the time- it's a hectic period at school- with deadlines and exams coming up. But i agreed on doing it.
On a friday afternoon we met up at zumiez skatepark in belgium (www.zumiez.be), two of her friends helped her out. they all study at the rits in brussels. It's not always easy working with people who are new to the "skatebboarding filming" thing. I had to explain how to get the best angle of a trick on camera, etc.
So far, I've only got to see these screenshots that i'm sharing with you guys. Hopefully the end result will be what i hoped for! Once it's finished i'll share it as well!

xoxo Evelien"

here's the screen shots evelien sent us:

evelien lifestyle in Belgium
Evelien getting ready to skate!

Evelien boardslide
Evelien with a boardslide

More rail action with Evelien
More rail shredding at the zumiez park

evelien, crooks
Evelien, nosegrind on the rail :)