hoopla rider, evelien bouilliart, sent us over an inspiring story from this weekend in belgium. here's what she had to say:

"This Sunday, November 27th, i got a call from one of my dad's friends. She told me she knew a girl that really looks up to me and loves skateboarding and asked if i wanted to make the time to meet her.

I told her that wasn't a problem. Her parents, my dad's friend, and the girl came to my moms tea-room. The girl had no idea she was going to meet me, because her parents didn't tell her what they were doing visiting Aalter (my lil city).

And i had no idea that she didn't know about it- so i went downstairs and when she saw me, she was super happy. She brought her board and i looked at it, thinking to myself, i need to help this girl out.

Her wheels were 6 years old, her bearings were unskateable and her board was about to break. I went to my room and took some stuff out of my awesome skate one box, and surprised her with a new pair of wheels, bearings and a Hoopla deck!

She was hella stoked and couldn't stop smiling. I helped her set up the board, we talked a bit about skateboarding and had a laugh.

Her parents thanked me and told me that i made her day- this was also a new experience for me; and i love helping other girls. I think this was one of the best days in her life, and i told her we will see each other again and we will go for a skate together.

It's very important to support the girls, and especially cuz she lives in belgium, i wanna be there for her!

So i didn't only make her smile, i made a new friend. What a hoopla thing to do!

-greetings Evelien"

Thanks for being a great role model, Evelien! keep up the good work.. :)

evelien and zoi Evelien and Zoi

evelien and zoi with a hoopla deck Zoi stoked with her new hoopla set-up!