This was definitely a moment to go down in history for female skateboarding and hoopla skateboards was on the front lines of all the action. Thank you to all of our pro riders and flow girls who came out to support this event, with out you, this would not be possible. You all did an amazing job skating the Combi! Congrats to Lizzie Armanto on winning the PRO division. Hope you enjoy the pictures and have a great Thanksgiving.

Mimi banner
Great job designing the logo for the contest Mimi!!

CB was ripping the Combi and placed 6th in the Pro Division

Mimi also did a great job in the contest placing 3rd, even while being sick all week!

Allysha Bergado had some solid runs and did great placing 2nd! Congrats Allysha!

Annika Vrkian placed 4th in the AM Division, the girl can skate!

Holding it down at the Combi Pool Classic

CB all smiles

Lea Taylor was also there representing hoopla and skating really well.

All the girls at the Podium.... RAD Picture ! Thank you Naka...

ya girls!


  1. Lizzie Armanto
  2. Allysha Bergado
  3. Mimi Knoop
  4. Julie Lynn
  5. Lyn-z Adams Hawkins
  6. Cara-Beth Burnside
  7. Amelia Brodka
  8. Lea Taylor
  9. Mandy Esch
  10. Justyce Tabor
  11. Leticia Bufoni
  12. Alex Harper
  13. Amme Jay Papelera
  14. Julie Westfall
  15. Jean Rusen
  16. Karli Nelson
  17. Natalie Das
  18. Ashley Espinoza
  19. Stacey Roberts
  20. Lauren Callahan
  21. Sonja Deans
  22. Meredith Betts
  23. Pamela Brodowski
  24. Lynn Kramer


  1. Jordan Abraham
  2. Kora Grzyb
  3. Melissa Spillman
  4. Annika Vrkian
  5. Heidi Newton
  6. Anita Forough
  7. Arianna Carmona
  8. Sara Thompson
  9. Cara Lawson
  10. Sarah Roach
  11. Pauline Branom
  12. Bryce Wettstein
  13. Mikayla Sheppard
  14. Jessica Robledo

For more info on the contest, please check out the article on Concrete Disciples

Also check out Mimi's blog for more info here

photo credit: Naka, Ana Paula, MRZ, OG Eddie