CB and some friends and I went up to skate Lance's pool this weekend. The day started off by me getting ambushed and bit by a black chihuahua.... Peeps .....and then animal control came and took it away. I felt bad for the little thing, even though it attacked me! Then it was on to skating. Needless to say, the pool was about as perfect as they come. The Arcadia loc-dog-legends were there ripping; Grosso, Eric Nash and of course, Lance, himself. I have been watching these guys skate since I was a little kid, so it was amazing to skate in a private session w/ them. We finished off the day at the local's favorite mexican spot, Taco Lita. It was like going in a time warp back to 1975.. Fun times! Thanks for the hospitality, Lance! Mimi nad Lance Lance Lance Mountain Pink Tiles Taco Lita