Hunter Long Hunter Long has been working very hard a developing her skateboarding skills and school work in hopes to one day becoming a professional skateboarder and/or doctor. She is not only a straight A student, but a true "Ambassador of Aloha" for female skateboarding in Hawaii. With her genuine, humble, considerate, hardworking attitude; along with great talent, there are many local Hawaiians who support Hunter and would love to see her succeed. Not only does Hawaii want to see Hunter take her skateboarding skills to the next level, but so does Hoopla. We just sent Hunter a flow package and she was so stoked! She immediately gripped it, switched it up, stickered it and headed to the Hickam Skate Hangar for a quick session. She has a comp. there at the end of this month, "The Turkey Bowl Shootout." In case this wasn't enough, she is only 14 and just received 3rd place in the 14-16 open division at last weekends skate park contest with 20 competitors and 2 girls. Pretty impressive! Hunter has just been picked up on flow with DC shoes and Vandal Eyewear- on top of her current supporters/sponsors Dakine and Local 808 Entertainment. Thank you hunter for bringing the spirit of Aloha to Hoopla Skateboards and Happy almost 15th Birthday! Hunter Long