hoopla Trippy Complete Skateboard - 7.5 x 28.65

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Deck Shape191
Deck BottomScreened
Deck ConcaveK16
Deck Wheelbase12.25"
Deck Length28.65"
Deck Width7.5"
Deck Nose6.2"
Deck Tail6"
Wheel CoreNone
Wheel Diameter53mm
Wheel Width31mm
Wheel Hardness99a
Wheel FormulaSHR Super High Rebound
Wheel ColorBlack
Wheel Suggested UseStreet
Wheel SurfaceTreaded
Truck Width7.5"
Truck MakeOther


hoopla was created with the intent to encourage both girl's participation and progression in skateboarding, while simultaneously offering fun graphics for all skaters. created by female professional skateboarders, Mimi Knoop and Cara-beth Burnside, hoopla has deep roots in skateboarding.

hoopla Trippy Complete Skateboard - 7.5 x 28.65

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