Hoopla was created with the intent to encourage both girl’s participation and progression in skateboarding, while simultaneously offering fun graphics for all skaters. Created by female professional skateboarders, Mimi Knoop and Cara-Beth Burnside, Hoopla has deep roots in skateboarding.

Whether ridden by a novice or a pro, Hoopla makes skaters feel confident and comfortable about riding a skateboard. Hoopla is centered around having fun and being creative. Our prominent flying elephant symbolizes creativity, individuality, and fun—all things that Hoopla is founded on.

NEW hoopla paisley flower cruiser now in stock!
Our newest hoopla cruiser is now in stock Read More
Mimi visits CHOC Children's Hospital
Mimi recently paid a visit to the Orange Country Children's hospital (CHOC) w/ Art of Board and friends Read More
hoopla at Exposure 2014

hoopla at Exposure 2014

November 10, 2014

Allysha Bergado, Hunter Long, and Nicole Hause all competed w/ 50 other women at Exposure 2014, an all women's skate benefit held at the Encinitas YMCA skatepark. Read More
Resurrection in Ramona recap Resurrection in Ramona recap
Mimi Knoop and Allysha Bergado skated at the Resurrection in Ramona last week. Read More
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“Hoopla skateboards are the best, i got one of my own and i love it! i plan to keep buying the product and sport it. i would love to ride for hoopla someday. ”

— Jazmine barney
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