hoopla was created by professional skateboarders, mimi knoop and cara-beth burnside to encourage both girl’s participation and progression in skateboarding. the hoopla team consists of some of the best female skateboarders in the world, including Alana Smith, and Samarria Brevard -- all who are leading the way for the next generation of skaters to come

vote for hoopla! vote for hoopla!

vote for hoopla!

September 28, 2015

Vote for hoopla in RIDE channel's Woodward West Shoot-out video contest! Read More
Alana Smith - VICE

Alana Smith - VICE

September 22, 2015

Alana Smith was the first woman to land a 540 McTwist and the youngest athlete to win a medal at X Games. Now for the first time ever, Street League Skateboarding will include a women's division. Read More
Tre Flips with Samarria Brevard Tre Flips with Samarria Brevard
Samarria Brevard gives tips on how to tre flip. Read More
hoopla at the US Open hoopla at the US Open

hoopla at the US Open

August 3, 2015

Check out Thrasher's coverage from the Women's contest at the 2015 Van Doren Invitational! Read More
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“Hi Hoopla, i just wanted to say how i love your deck designs (i'm skating the flying elephant right now), plus your support for girls skateboarding. the team consists of a bunch of my favorite skaters, too! keep up the awesomeness. :)”

— Heidi dong
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